February 18, 2020

How to Avoid the Airport/Gas Station Food Traps with Healthier Options

Airport and plane snacks are some of the worst. Add in early and late flights, long layovers, delays and everything else… we’re left with few options. I’ve been in plenty of on-the-go situations without any healthy snacks of my own and reluctantly resorted to making unhealthy choices.

Here’s my list of some of the go-to items I most likely have on hand when I travel:

1.      Super Amino 23*: These are small, easy and get me out of a hunger bind in a pinch. I’m usually not hungry when I have to get up super early for flights. These help curb my appetite on the plane, until I land and get the chance to grab breakfast.

2.      Purium Power Shake*: One of my favorite tasting green shakes, nutrient dense and super easy to make on the go. All you need is to add water (or liquid of your choice) and shake it up. This has been a life saver for the perfect go-to breakfast or any time of the day snack.

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3.      That’s It Bars: Simple, what you see is what you get, grab and go snack that literally have a few ingredients, and no added gunk. I also love that this brand has started popping up in gas stations and airports all over. Of course, you’ll pay about 2-3 times more than in a grocery store, but hey- better than buying that candy bar!

4.      Rx Bars: These bars are a little heavier than the That’s It Bars, so if your snack needs a little more substance, these are perfect. Although the consistency can take a little getting used to. The ingredients are whole foods and no added crap. I’ve also seen these available in gas stations and airports.

5.      Krave Jerky: I like this brand because it’s a relatively cleaner option compared to some of the mainstream ones. It’s also become more available in airports, so it’s a great grab and go snack. One of my least favorite things is the potent smell when it’s opened up on a plane, so I’ll leave that for you to decide how you want to proceed!

6.      Nuts: Pistachios and other mixed nuts are always a great alternative, but be careful on portion size. I like to bring my own bag of hazelnuts on trips, and I keep my snacking to a small portion, but it is nice to eat a few (slowly and mindfully) to help curb any hunger pangs between meals.

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7.      Hard Boiled Eggs: Most airports have packs of 2 hard-boiled eggs. I used to grab these and eat the egg whites only, and sometimes one of the yolks depending on my mood. These are usually in the Hudson News Stores in the cold section, so can be an easy thing to grab as a snack or a quick breakfast when you land in the morning and have to get going to your first appointment.

8.      Cold Pressed Juices: Some airports carry some cold pressed juice options. I’d say about 25-30% of airports I’ve been to have some kind of a cold pressed juice available for purchase. This can be another good grab and go option

9.      Walk the Terminal: I always made it a habit to walk up and down the terminal (or a portion of it). I wanted to see what all my options were so I could make an educated decision. This serves two purposes: getting some extra movement in + getting to know what’s available at the airports (versus resorting to what’s available next to your gate, or the first thing you see). I look for salad or cleaner options, or ways I could piece together a meal from a few different places. Maybe some chicken from here, a drink from there, and a fruit or a side from a third place. Be open to being creative.

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10. Gas Station Tip: Many gas stations, especially the bigger, nicer, cleaner brands have started to add sections (even if they are smaller) of healthier brands of food and snack options. Be sure to look around to find this section and see if you can narrow down your choice from here. Distractions and temptations are all around, so try to stay focused as best as you can!

Integrating some of these suggestions may be very simple, and others more challenging. Entering new territory, and looking for things you aren’t used to looking for may take a little bit of time (have you ever shopped at a grocery store you’ve never been to? Yea… it takes a couple times to get comfortable with the layout, food options, etc). Maybe try actually taking a few trips to the grocery store and looking at some of the healthy options. You have to get creative with creating a new database in your mind of “go-to” healthy snacks so that when you’re in a pinch, they’re the first thing(s) you think of!

As with anything, I didn’t master these options overnight, it took time, practice, patience and mindfully navigating my environment. If you’re looking to THRIVE on the road and not just survive, then click here to be the first to get The Business Traveler’s THRIVE Guide.

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*We recommend Purium products because we have vetted them out and feel like they are one of the best on the market that we have found. They are high quality, clean, ethically and sustainably produced and work for us.




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While traveling 3 out of 4 weeks every month for her corporate sales job, Jenny excelled at finding ways to make the most of every experience and opportunity. When most other traveling professionals locked themselves in their hotel room, one year, she hiked at nearly 20 state and national parks!

- Jenny Holla



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