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Jenny is a published author (Rock Your Lifestyle, It’s YOUR Life, START Acting Like It!), has created two audio coaching programs, and was conference chair at a National Conference, Full Throttle Experience. She created and ran a successful online magazine, “Wanderlust Life Magazine” to access her inner creative, but also to connect with amazing women around the world to show case their voices in a way that was fun and inspirational.

It''s so nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m jenNy!

A 2-Time Hall of Fame Athlete and Ohio native, I graduated debt-free with a 3.9 GPA from the University of Rio Grande, where I played 3 sports and participated in 2 study-abroad programs. All my ballers and a-type shot callers can I get a WHAT WHAT!!! Yep my energy is on 15 ninety eight percent of the time :).

After college, I spent over 10 years in a professional sales career where I made six-figures and won multiple President’s Club Awards (awarded to the top 5-10% sales representatives in a company) before the age of 30. I moved up the corporate ladder and became a National Sales Director running a $15M book of business… until realizing corporate burnout is real and that environment was suffocating my dreams and aspirations.

Driven by new experiences, connecting people and a curiosity for life, I'm on a mission to transform lives on a deeper level. I took the scary leap of faith into entrepreneurship and left my lucrative career to pursue MY business full time to coach and inspire people to actually start living the life they keep saying they want.

You may have seen or heard me on Coaching Success Radio, Wedding Business Growth Podcast, Grounding Journey. But you can really hear me let my hair down as the Co-Host of The Hollastic Life Podcast with my partner in time Jai, where we help entrepreuners create a lifestyle they don't need to vacation from. As well as my own show The Life Adventurist Podcast where I dig a little deeper into the woo woo feel good suff..


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