February 4, 2020

Ways to Keep Riding the Wellness Wagon During Business Travel

Being a frequent business traveler can definitely muck up your wellness routine – if you let it! Flights, layovers, multiple hotel stays, early mornings, and late nights, definitely have their allure, but also take an unhealthy toll on your well-being.

And with an unpredictable schedule, finding time for that 30-60 minute sweat-sesh can be challenging. I get it, that type of traveling makes falling off the wagon seem inevitable. I spent over half my career doing exactly what you’re doing and realized I had to redefine, realign, and redesign what my healthy lifestyle looked like for travel. What I found was, although difficult at first due to my go-getting personality, when consistently practiced these things were easier than I thought.

Here are a few of the things that worked for me. Try them and let me know how it worked out:

1.      Making small everyday changes that impact your overall activity levels.

Stand Up: You should get up and move around at least once every hour. If you have one of those fancy healthy wearables it should come with a notification to tell you to get off your ass, so do it

Take the Stairs

Walk Around: At the airport before your flights or during layovers, spend some time moving around. If you have work “that just HAS to get done”, it’s okay to work on it, but remember to take breaks. And if you have calls, why not burn some extra calories while talking on the phone?

2.      Shorter Workout Sessions

If you’re used to 30-60 minute workouts but you know you have a busy day, be flexible, and try a 10-15 minute High Intensity session… trust me these still count.

3.      Take breaks

I used to do this a lot, I would find some nearby green space to get a walk in. Doing this let me get fresh air, see nature and reset from all the business of the day.

4.      Some outside the box ideas to help you stay active:

Find some meetups. Since Dallas was one of my frequently traveled places, I checked out meetup, found a volleyball group and would play open gym games when I was in town.

Create a fun adventure list. One year, I had a goal of visiting 100 parks. I made it to maybe 40, but still this kept me active, exploring, moving and making my trips that much more fun.

5.      Consider Changing Your Habits:

Leave a little earlier from a work event: Try leaving 15-30 minutes earlier than you usually would, and this can create the space to give your mind a break and get your body moving!

Workout in your room: Easy, on the go and can help you save time.

Double Duty! Respond to emails or catch up on that video meeting while on the stationary bike or treadmill walking.

Finding structure in an unpredictable career can be challenging, but not impossible. Focus on ways to make staying active more fun, that way you enjoy what you’re doing and it doesn’t seem like a chore or pulling teeth. Remember, the most important thing is being one percent better every day.

And if you’re looking for a few more tips and tricks to keep you on the wellness wagon, be the first to get on the waitlist, The Business Traveler’s Thrive Guide: http://www.2jHolla.com/ThriveGuide




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